Pray for Our Church Roof!

SUCCESS! Thank You for Raising the Roof!

Church Roof Repair Fund: Goal $170,000!

As we announced this past weekend, we have one more reason to REJOICE!
We have already collected $194,487.41 towards our Roof Repair Fund. Thank you to all of our parishioners and donors for their generous donations and support to Saint Margaret Mary. The excess money collected will be used to replace the skylight and improve the ventilation of the steeple and to keep up with the maintenance of the flat roof on both the Chapel and Bethany Lobby. Thank you so much to all of you who have supported the Roof Repair Project. 

The good news is that one parishioner has decided to support us with a matching gift of our donations, one dollar for each dollar donated by parishioners, up to $30,000. There is more good news! Our Knights of Columbus also want to support us and encourage us with a matching gift.

You probably heard me sharing with you the big problem we have with the roof on our church. We have more and more leaks after it rains, and the leaks are causing the destruction of pews and carpeting inside the church. I was hoping that we would survive Fall and Winter and take care of our roof in Spring. However, now I am sure we cannot leave our roof as it is. We need to replace all the shingles on our roof, and make some repairs on the flat roof that we have on the chapel and Bethany Lobby. This project will cost us $170,000, which we do not have. So we need to take another loan from the diocese to make the repair possible. It is why I am asking you to financially support this project, which we will call Roof Repair Fund. We will have envelopes for this fund sent with the envelope mailing that is delivered to your home starting in December. But if you can, I encourage you to support this fund as soon as possible by putting your donation in a separate envelope in the collection basket, with the words Roof Repair Fund on it. For those of you who are using Give Central, there is a fundraising event created named Roof Repair Fund, and you can donate for that purpose.

Thank you so much for your generous help.

With Peace and Goodness,
Fr. Peter Sarnicki, OFM Conv.




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