Hospitality Ministires

“When I was a stranger, you welcomed me.”
~Matthew 25:35

“How ‘Hello’ shares the Joy of the Gospel”

Cent_Stewardship_logoIntentional and active hospitality coupled with the opportunity for involvement fosters an enhanced sense of vested interest in the parish.

At St. Margaret Mary we seek to be sure that all parishioners, within the broad demographics of the parish, sense and recognize that they are invited, encouraged and provided the opportunity to be involved, thus feeling welcomed, served and appreciated.

Please prayerfully consider how you can serve in our great Parish Ministries here at St. Margaret Mary. The following is a PDF listing of all current ministries and primary contact information. Feel free to reach out to the Ministry heads for more information on how to join.


The following are the Hospitality Ministries at St. Margaret Mary Parish…

  • Arts and Environment: A & E works closely with the Liturgy Commission to create a meaningful, spirit filled liturgy and to create a prayerful environment through various mediums.
  • Baptismal Coordinators: Serves as the liaison between the priest or deacon performing the baptism, and the families. Their role is joyful and rewarding; and helps allow both the baptizer and the families to enjoy the beauty of the sacrament. Baptisms are generally held immediately after the Holy Mass, so the time commitment is minimal, the training is brief, and there are no regularly scheduled meetings! If you’ve been looking for a way to be of service to the parish, the Baptismal Coordinator Ministry might be right for you.
  • Dinner Dance Ministry
  • Ever So Young Seniors
  • Filipino Community
  • Greeters: Greeting is a handshake and a smile, but so much more! Hospitality is the ministry of ALL of the faithful – ALL are welcome in this place. True hospitality seeks to understand the needs of the one being served.
  • Hospitality
  • Polish Community
  • Summerfest: The Annual Parish Summerfest is an event for the entire parish and brings a large financial benefit. It also shows the vibrancy, cooperation, and unification of our parish. This is the 10th year of the Summerfest.
  • Usher Ministry: Ushers are called on to provide various services prior to, during, and after the celebration of the liturgy. These services ensure the comfort and safety of the assembly and also assist in the orderly execution of the liturgical activities. Ushers serve at the Mass of their preference. They are one of the first touch points of hospitality and welcome.
  • Wedding Coordinator: This ministry conducts the wedding rehearsal, and is present for the wedding itself to help the families with details. The Wedding Coordinators may pick the dates of weddings they wish to serve.
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