All Souls Memorial Mass

  • 07:00 PM
  • Church
  • 847-658-7625

Mass of Remembrance

Priests-DeaconsThe Annual Memorial Mass will be celebrated on Tuesday, November 13th at 7:00 PM in the Church. This Mass is for the parishioners and family members of parishioners who died in the past year.

This is a special time when the parish and family members come together to pray for the dead and for the comfort of those they left behind. If you lost a family member, whether in this parish or not, please save this date and come celebrate that remembrance. And if you have not recently had a death in your family, come join us in praying for those who have lost someone.

If the deceased person’s funeral was from Saint Margaret Mary Parish, the name will be called and a candle will be brought to the altar in his or her name.

If your loved one’s funeral was not from Saint Margaret Mary Parish and if you will be participating in this liturgy, please visit or call the Parish Office at 847-658-7625. We will then add your loved one to list of names to be called and have a candle ready for you to carry to the altar.

Please plan to come 20 minutes early (6:40 PM) so we can distribute the candles and arrange the procession.