Knight’s Pasta Dinner

  • 05:30 PM
If you’re planning on eating that day why not join us?
We’ll be serving penne pasta with either meat sauce or marinara for only $8.
Meat balls or sausage will also be available as an extra.
Need to relax at home? Why not order and pick up?

We now have that option available as well.

NEW! Only 20 available! We are offering a Chicken Marsala cooked and flamed tableside with salad and pasta. Yes, a glass of wine is included. At $20 each these should go fast and when they’re gone….they’re gone !
Can’t make that date? We’re looking for 75 people, in conjunction with our St. Vincent DePaul Society to anonymously sponsor dinners for those who would not otherwise attend due to difficult times. For $8 to $12 you can give an evening out for someone in difficulty.
Special –
Pasta with the Pastor! Pasta Dinner for 8 with 8 sides plus Fr. Peter at your table. We’ll provide a dedicated server for the table. All for $200. Only one available!
Stop at the table in Bethany Lobby after Mass today. Give yourselves and maybe someone else a break
(Please also feel free to sponsor if you are attending as well.)
Order info is on the website and linked to GiveCentral. Give yourselves and maybe someone else a break and a fun night out. The Knights and the St. Vincent dePaul Society appreciate your support.