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Feed Your Faith with The Observer

February is Catholic Press Month. Our diocese has much to celebrate during that month thanks to our vibrant diocesan newspaper, The Observer. The paper’s theme this year is “Feed your faith.” Every week, The Observer comes to your home to do just that. It helps feed your faith with page after page of photos, features, local and national church news and events. And keeping our faith strong and informed is especially important in a world where faith is so many times taken for granted or set aside.

Our diocese has been fortunate to offer consistently compelling Catholic information and inspiration since 1935 through The Observer. Our diocesan newspaper is very helpful in communicating the life of our parishes, schools and Catholic organizations as well as sharing the teaching of our faith, the mission of our diocese, and of course, the work of the bishop. The Observer’s content is important and cannot be found in any other publication.

To continue that important work, subscribe today to The Observer. If you are already a subscriber, please renew your subscription. Subscription rates are still an affordable $28 for an entire year of weekly stories, columns, news — all provided in the context of the Catholic Faith we share throughout our 11-county diocese and beyond.

And remember you can receive The Observer in whatever format you prefer — in digital form viewable on any computer, smartphone, tablet or e-reader or in the traditional print format. You may receive both print and digital. Subscribing is easy. Simply subscribe online at