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2020 Diocesan Appeal – Hear His Voice


Dear Friends,

At this time of year, the Diocese of Rockford announces the Diocesan Appeal.

HEAR HIS VOICE is the theme for the 2020 Diocesan Appeal. With this topic in mind, we are all called to follow the voice of Jesus, putting our faith into action by what we say and do. As always at this time of year, I need to ask you for your help and support. It is during this difficult time this year that we should act together to help care for the larger Church of the Diocese of Rockford.

It is through your generous gift to the 2020 Diocesan Appeal that we can continue to bring the love of Jesus to those in need and teach the faith to young and old alike. That work takes many forms in many different diocesan ministries. Marriage preparation, promoting human dignity and respect for life, youth ministry, and vocations are just some of the diocesan ministries and services we support through this Appeal.

What we give in support to the Diocesan Appeal comes back to help us in many ways! Our parish itself receives support for many of the diocesan ministries including our religious formation programs, our schools, and in the future the very fruits of the vocations for which we pray. This is why the annual Appeal is so important to us and our Diocese.

I am very grateful to all of you who supported last year’s appeal with generous hearts. This year, the Diocese of Rockford is asking us to support the appeal with $112,061.00. Please remember that whatever we raise beyond this goal returns to our parish.

The Appeal envelopes have been mailed to registered parishioners, who have supported the Appeal over the course of the last 18 years. For those of you who have not received these envelopes, you can take them from the church when you will come for Mass or private prayer.

I ask you as always to be as generous as you can. Some can give more, some less, some none. No offering is too big or too small. We thank you for all. Based on the actual history of monetary support of our parish, if each family will give $150 to this year’s appeal, our goal could easily be achieved.

Thank you as always for your great generosity. Your participation and prayers are important to our success. May God protect you in this difficult time of pandemic and give you the graces and blessings you need. Our Franciscan Community keeps you all in our prayers.

With Franciscan Peace and Goodness,
Fr. Peter Sarnicki, OFM Conv.