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2021 Diocesan Appeal – Bear Much Fruit



Dear Brothers and Sisters,

At this time of year, the Diocese of Rockford announces the Diocesan Appeal.

Bear Much Fruit is the theme for the 2021 Diocesan Appeal.  In St. John’s Gospel, we can read (15,5), “I am the vine, you are the branches. Whoever remains in me and I in him will bear much fruit, because without me you can do nothing.” Jesus reminds us that we have to bring much fruit, that our Christianity has to be fruitful, and the fruit has to be visible. Of course, we can do nothing without Jesus, and that’s why we have to remain in Him. However, this remaining in Him has to encourage us to action, good deeds. Much fruit also means taking care of others and taking care of the works and projects that the Catholic Church provides in our name. Much fruit won’t appear without our involvement and commitment. This commitment also means our financial support for the works provided by the Diocese of Rockford. In this challenging time for everybody, I need to ask you for your help and support.

It is through your generous gift to the 2021 Diocesan Appeal that we can continue to bring the love of Jesus to those in need and teach the faith to young and old alike. That work takes many forms in many different diocesan ministries. Marriage preparation, promoting human dignity and respect for life, youth ministry, and vocations are just some of the diocesan ministries and services we support through this Appeal.

What we give in support of the Diocesan Appeal comes back to help us in many ways! Our parish itself receives support for many of the diocesan ministries, including our religious formation programs, our schools, and in the future, the very fruits of the vocations for which we pray. This is why the annual Appeal is so vital to our Diocese and us.

I am very grateful to all of you who supported last year’s appeal with generous hearts.  This year, the Diocese of Rockford is asking us to support the Appeal with $114, 544.00.   Please remember that whatever we raise beyond this goal returns to our parish.

The appeal envelopes have been mailed to registered parishioners, who have supported the Appeal over the last 18 years.  Those of you who have not received these envelopes, I ask you to take them from the church, and after prayerful consideration, please make a pledge to support this appeal.  Please bring your envelope to next week’s pledge weekend.

We ask you as always to be as generous as you can. No offering is too big or too small.  We thank you for all.  If each family gives $150-200 to this year’s appeal, our goal could easily be achieved.

Thank you for your great generosity.  Your participation and prayers are essential to our success.  It is really crucial that we all feel responsible for that common interest. Our Franciscan Community keeps you in our daily prayers.

Peace and Goodness.

Fr. Witold Adamczyk OFMConv.

Parochial Administrator