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Hospitality Ministires

“When I was a stranger, you welcomed me.”
~Matthew 25:35

“How ‘Hello’ shares the Joy of the Gospel”

Cent_Stewardship_logoIntentional and active hospitality coupled with the opportunity for involvement fosters an enhanced sense of vested interest in the parish.

At St. Margaret Mary we seek to be sure that all parishioners, within the broad demographics of the parish, sense and recognize that they are invited, encouraged and provided the opportunity to be involved, thus feeling welcomed, served and appreciated.

“Everything that we have and all that we are is gift from a loving God. What we do with that gift – it’s a response! So how exactly do we live gratefully? By becoming aware that every moment is a ‘given moment,’ as we say, it’s a gift. You haven’t earned it or brought it about. And you have no way of assuring there will be another moment given to you. As such, we should consider each moment as precious and a great opportunity. If you didn’t have this present moment you wouldn’t have any opportunity to do or experience anything.” Brother David Steindle-Rast

Please prayerfully consider how you can serve in our great Parish Ministries here at St. Margaret Mary. The following is a PDF listing of all current ministries and primary contact information. Feel free to reach out to the Ministry heads for more information on how to join.

The following are the Hospitality Ministries at St. Margaret Mary Parish…

  • Arts and Environment: Define and create the church environment based on the liturgical season. No training required. Monthly commitment or based on seasonal needs.
  • Baptismal Coordinators: A joyful, supportive ministry which assists young families on the day of Baptism. No meetings are required, just a little extra time when you attend Holy Mass to welcome our baptismal families before and after the Mass. Remind yourself of your own baptism vows and celebrate the beautiful sacrament of baptism with the newest and most precious members of our parish. Training is provided. Protecting God’s Children certification is required.
  • Dinner Dance Ministry: Our mission: To serve our parish family at a critical time. In
    doing so, we will all be blessed. To find out more… Attend meetings, ask questions, follow church bulletin updates, and contact us to find out more.
  • Ever So Young Seniors: A parish senior group who meet monthly at the Ministry Center. Bingo, senior events, fellowship, and fun are all major parts of our growing senior community at St. Margaret Mary.
  • Filipino Community: This community is made up of people who speak the many Filipino languages. They gather together monthly for fellowship.
  • Funeral Coordinator: God’s calling to help others during a very difficult time of their lives…a rewarding experience. The funeral coordinator assists the priest during a Catholic funeral mass by performing a variety of tasks that include setting up the church, preparing the altar, lighting incense, reviewing the funeral sheet, (provided by the church office) set up the readings, communicate with the altar servers, and fulfill Eucharistic Minister duties. You will meet with the family of the deceased when they arrive at church to discuss the readings, determine who will bring up the gifts, set up tables/chairs, easels for pictures, and offer your comfort and support throughout the Mass. Training will be provided for the Funeral Ministry.
  • Funeral Luncheons / Hospitality:
  • Greeters: Every parishioner is called offer a friendly, welcoming face that says, “All are welcome!” This ministry stands at the door to welcome people upon arriving at church. Minimal commitment. Informal training provided.
  • Polish Community: This community speaks the Polish language and celebrates the Polish culture. There are two Sunday Masses, Holy Days, and other celebration Masses in the Polish Language. We are part of the larger community, but cherish maintaining Polish traditions. We have devotions throughout the year in the Polish language, and social activities such as dances and after Mass gatherings.
  • Summerfest: An annual event for the entire parish which brings a large financial contribution. It also shows the vibrancy, cooperation, and unification of our parish.
  • Ushers: An usher is one of the first touch points of hospitality and welcome. They are called on to provide support prior to, during, and after the celebration of the Liturgy. They ensure the comfort and safety of the assembly, and assist in keeping order during liturgical events. Ushers serve at the Mass of their preference.
  • Visitation Teams: One of our Liturgical Ministries is the Visitation Ministry. The purpose of this ministry is to bring the Word and Holy Communion to those parishioners unable to attend Holy Mass. This includes those that are homebound, at hospice locations, in retirement homes (Clarendale, Eastgate, and Village Green) and in Sherman Hospital. Visitation ministers are a constant reminder to those unable to attend mass that they are still part of our St. Margaret Mary parish family. Due to the pandemic, we were instructed by the Rockford Diocese to suspend our visitations for the safety of those we were visiting and our ministers. We are now able to resume visitations! If you are interested in becoming a Visitation Minister or if you know of a parishioner that is unable to attend Holy Mass, either on a long-term or short-term basis, please contact Mary LeRoy at 847-340-4880 or the STMM Church Office at 847-658-7625. Sharing the Word and Body of Christ touches the hearts of all those who participate.
  • Wedding Coordinator: Lead wedding rehearsals, set up furniture and environment, coordinate the movements and actions of the wedding couple and attendants on the wedding day. Very rewarding! Training is required and provided. The commitment includes the rehearsal and day of wedding.
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