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12th Annual Shamrock Shave

“Give and gifts will be given to you.”
~Luke 6:38

Shamrock Shave Update:

March 15, 2020


On behalf of the Shamrock Shave Committee, the St. Vincent DePaul Society, and Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Research, we want to  THANK YOU for your continued support.

In light of the unprecedented recent developments regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and for your health and safety, the decision was made to cancel this year’s Shamrock Shave. Unfortunately, while the event may be canceled, the need remains, and in light of recent events, it is more significant than ever. Before the cancelation, over $8,000 was raised online and in-person from meal tickets and Shavee pledges.

If you purchased a meal for the event, we would appreciate your consideration to make this a donation. However, if you wish to have a refund, please send an email request to us at by March 29, 2020.

We appreciate your Shavee pledge(s) as all of our Shavees have expressed their desire to continue to get their heads shaved. We will be posting the results of their shaving (pictures and videos) on our web site and Facebook in the coming days. If you wish to make any additional donations, please click here. We, and those your donation will be helping, appreciate your generosity.

Together, since 2008 we have raised over $400,000 for those suffering from cancer and poverty. Last year’s Shave raised over $28,000, and we continue to be humbled by the selflessness and spirit of our Shavees, volunteers, entertainers, sponsors, donors, and attendees who have made this such a meaningful fundraiser. We are also touched by the stories of hope from those your generosity has benefited.

We look forward to hosting this great event once again in March 2021. In the meantime, please join us in praying for those affected by the Coronavirus throughout the world. We also pray for those in need and suffering from cancer.

Be safe, Be healthy, and God Bless You.