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Annual Shamrock Shave: Become a Shavee!

“Give and gifts will be given to you.”
~Luke 6:38

Become a Shamrock Shave Shavee!

Every pledge you take helps those suffering from cancer and poverty. Search your heart and your hairline…

Perhaps you have lost a loved one to cancer? Or you have a family member or friend suffering from this dreaded disease? Maybe you have asked yourself how you could help the needy in the community, and put your faith and gratitude for the blessings in your life into action?  The Shamrock Shave may be your answer.

We are looking for men and women of all ages, who have “hair to spare,” to participate in this year’s Shamrock Shave. Last year’s Shave raised over $26,000 (over $400,000 the last 11 years!) and this year’s event promises to be even bigger and better! If you are interested in having your head shaved to raise money for community families in need and those suffering from cancer, please complete our contact form below, EMAIL US or contact Jonna Burck (847-809-6950).


NOTE: Your browser will open a new window. Complete all of the information on the form and then click “Submit to Shamrock Shave.” Thank You!