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Stations of the Cross

For the Light shines in the darkness,
Death shall have no victory.


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Opening Hymn

My name is John, apostle of the Lord Jesus. Thank you for being here today on this dusty street in Jerusalem. All the other apostles have fled in fear for their lives, and I am in need of companions on this terrible journey. The mother of Jesus and I need you. We cannot walk this way alone, this way of death which Jesus takes alone. Mary and I walk with Him, but we cannot die for Him. No, He dies for us, and for the world. All we can do is weep. Mary weeps for the Son she raised, I for the best and dearest friend I have ever had. Jesus Christ is going to die on the hill of Calvary. Will you walk with us – with the mother of Jesus and me?

For though we cannot save Him, if we walk by His side and stand at the foot of the Cross, He will know we love Him and will follow Him always. Will you walk with us?

We will walk with you.
We will walk the way of Calvary, with Mary and with John. 
We will follow Christ and share His suffering, His pain, His death upon a tree.

For the Light shines in the darkness, Death shall have no victory.

Death shall have no victory.

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