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The First Station

Jesus Remember Me When
You Come into Your Kingdom

Jesus is Condemned to Death

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We adore you O Christ and we praise you.
(genuflect as this is said)

Because by your Holy Cross you have redeemed the world. 

This morning, Pilate sentenced Jesus to death. The crowds demanded it, and Pilate, wishing to please Caesar, gave in to the mob in the street and condemned Christ. Caught in the middle of the screaming rabble, I heard them shout for Christ’s death, cry for his blood. Those who loved him and honored him with palms when he entered Jerusalem now thirsted for his destruction. With Judas they betrayed the Lord. Why? All he had given them was love and healing and hope. Why did they forsake him?

We all betray Jesus, whenever we ridicule a friend, mock a neighbor, insult the stranger. We all betray him, for the same reason as Judas and the mob 

– afraid to stand alone, we lose ourselves in the crowd. 

– afraid to stand alone, we let others determine right and wrong for us. 

– afraid to stand alone, we turn our backs on Christ, because we are afraid. 

In sorrow we grieve, from our fear we shall be free.

For the Light shines in the darkness.

Death shall have no victory.
(As ministers move to the next station, people sing the antiphon “Jesus Remember Me When You Come into Your Kingdom,” from the music of Taize.)

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