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The Thirteenth Station

“Who will give me back my son,
who will give my son back to me?”

Jesus is Taken Down from His Cross

station 13

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We adore you O Christ and we praise you.

Because by your Holy Cross, you have redeemed the world. 

Into the arms of his mother, I give the body of Jesus. No grief has ever been so great as that moment when Mary holds the body of her crucified Son. Christ ends his earthly life as he began it, next to the heart of his mother. O Mary, if only I could ease your pain, I the least of his followers. But I could not stop his death, how can I still your sorrow?

Under the shadow of the cross, she grieves and we with her. The sun is darkened, tremors fill the earth as all creation groans in agony over the death of the Son of God. 0 Lord, your death has wounded us deeply, reminding us of 

– the death of parents and children 

– the loss of friends and neighbors 

– even the death of our hopes and dreams. 

We stand stunned in sorrow over the powers that yet loom in this world to snatch life away, and in the darkness at the foot of the cross, we grieve with Mary as she cries, “Who will give me back my son, who will give my son back to me?”

Remember, the Light shines in the darkness.

Death shall have no victory.

Jesus remember me.


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